What Our Students Say

W.M. Monteiro

"I am very grateful for the information on how to use the computer that Mr. Jarvis Cannon has taught me. The knowledge he has given me has improved my ability to use my computer. Now I can communicate better with my children’s teachers, friends, and people in my professional world. This will also give me the opportunity to improve my business."

B. Valdes

"The Microsoft Office classes were a great opportunity to learn and improve my computer skills. The experience as a student has been rich. With this knowledge I have become a more qualified and competitive worker. Now I understand and know how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also, I have improved my home organization and have better control of my finances.

I wanted to enhance my technological knowledge because my goal is to become a business owner. Now I believe what I have learned will help me to achieve my goal. Today, knowledge of technology is important and necessary to our lives. Technology is related to everything we do. Thank you, Mr. Cannon, for your instruction and commitment."

Y. Padua

"My computer classes have been a great contribution to improve my quality of life and knowledge of Word and Excel. I have learned to organize the accounting of my finances. In addition, I have learned skills in the use of computers, practiced English using a technical language, and made materials for work. I thank my teacher for his dedication and time, and the program that made it easy for us to learn."

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