Career Services Provider Credentials

Marion Franklin Cannon's Comprehensive Training

Marion has completed the NCDA Facilitating Career Development Training Program, which consists of 120+ hours of study/instruction and provides individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work. She provides instruction to groups of learners on a wide range of career-focused topics such as:

  • Introduction to virtual career tools: a synopsis of how to use the Internet and other e-tools – from logging on to using a browser, and possibly training on electronic job-search techniques.
  • Labor market information: how to research occupations, jobs, and/or related educational options, using printed materials or online.
  • Professional presentation: from development and maintenance of career portfolios to demonstrating appropriate work-related grooming and wardrobe.
  • Essential employability skills: including interviewing, resume writing, networking, and other job-seeking skills, as well as “soft” skills, such as interpersonal skills, workplace communication, and demonstrating a positive attitude.

After many years of writing resumes as a hobby, Marion chose to earn resume writing credentials to be better prepared to provide job seekers with the powerful tools they need in today’s highly competitive job market. Later, she earned a job search coaching credential to be prepared to provide professionals with a structured process for creating a job search strategy. By completing these rigorous training programs, Marion has earned high-level certifications that signify mastery of best-in-class resume strategies as well as understanding of coaching best practices and advanced job search strategies. Her investments in the CPRW, ACRW, and CHJMC mean that learners can enter the job search with confidence, knowing that they have the very best, most powerful, and most up-to-date resumes to accelerate their searches and can approach job search with confidence, knowing that they will have the structure, flexibility, and resources they need.

Relevant Resume Writing Courses

  • 6-Step Process
  • ATS & SEO
  • Branded Resumes
  • Capture, Communicate & Close
  • Education Resumes
  • Eluding Ageism
  • E-notes
  • Executive Resumes: New Formats, New Strategies, New Ideas
  • Expand Your Horizons
  • Formatting Resumes
  • Making Mid-Level Managers Shine
  • Master Class in Resume Writing
  • Non-Linear Careers
  • References & Recommendations
  • Sales, Marketing & International Business Development
  • Writing & Understanding Technology & Engineering Resumes
  • Writing Faster and Better
  • Writing for Career Change Success
  • Writing Powerful LinkedIn Profiles
  • Writing Resumes for Banking, Investment, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Writing Resumes That Give Graduating Students A Competitive Edge