Career Services Credentials


ACRW (Academy Certified Resume Writer)

Earning the ACRW indicates that a resume writer has successfully completed all components of the Resume Writing Academy, an intensive and comprehensive training program that teaches the following skills and concepts through classroom study, training assignments, independent learning projects, and intense individualized feedback:

  • Resume Strategy & Client Positioning
  • Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing Styles, Trends & Techniques
  • Cover Letter and Thank-You Letter Writing Styles, Trends & Techniques
  • Personal Branding for Resumes
  • Resume Formats, Designs & Structures
  • English Language & Grammar 

The Resume Writing Academy is the first comprehensive, strategically focused resume training program that teaches writers of all experience levels how to develop resumes that get noticed and get results. The Resume Writing Academy is recognized for its rigor, high standards, and accomplished graduates. I joined an elite group of more than 100 ACRWs worldwide.


CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer)

Resume writers possessing the CPRW credential must pass a timed examination consisting of four modules, testing writer’s industry knowledge and understanding of the resume writing field, his/her command for grammar, punctuation, spelling and proofreading, and skills in strategic thinking on resume related issues.

The writer is also required to develop a resume and cover letter based upon background information of a hypothetical client provided by the PARW/CC Certification Committee Board.

Certification examinations are reviewed and graded by three CPRWs who are members of the Certification Committee Board. Organizational membership of writer is required to maintain the CPRW credential. The CPRW credential was established in 1991 and is recognized as the standard of the industry.


Professional Development

  • 6-Step Process For Writing Extraordinary Resumes 
  • ATS & SEO: Navigating Alphabet Soup To Get Clients Found
  • Branded Resumes: 5 Keys To Writing Resumes & Profiles That Truly Differentiate Your Client
  • Eluding Ageism: Writing Strategies For Clients Age 50+
  • Executive Resumes: New Formats, New Strategies, New Ideas
  • Expand Your Horizons: Writing For International Audiences
  • Formatting Modern Resumes: Strategy & Distinctive Design To Win Interviews
  • How To Make Non-Linear Careers Shine: Writing For Challenging Client Situations
  • Making Mid-Level Managers Shine
  • Master Class In Resume Writing
  • References, Recommendations & Testimonials
  • Sales, Marketing & International Business Development
  • Today's Modern Cover Letter: The E-Notes
  • Writing & Understanding Technology & Engineering Resumes
  • Writing Faster and Better
  • Writing For Career Change Success
  • Writing Powerful LinkedIn Profiles
  • Writing Resumes For Banking, Investment, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Writing Resumes That Give Graduating Students A Competitive Edge